Support Coordination

At care4 support, we perceive how significant it is to determine the feasible alternatives that best meet your requirements.  Our support coordination team is highly trained at working with us to help you to find and choose providers, linking you to the best deal and friendly service available. 

How Can Support Coordinators Assist You?

When you approach care4 support for support coordination, a support coordinator will work with you to understand what you are looking to get from NDIS and your plan. Our support coordinators will help you to understand and enforce your plan, look for innovative solutions that meet your requirements, and assist you to get in touch with reliable service providers and community support. 

All our support coordinators are university-certified professionals within regulations such as phycology and social service. Through our extensive years of experience, our support coordinators have wide knowledge of the community which helps us to support participants in a better way.

Following are the ways that we ensure to follow to support our participants to meet their goals on their NDIS journey with care4 support.

  • Interact and communicate with providers on your behalf.
  • Link you with services providers, mainstreams, community, and other government services that best meet your requirements.
  • Assist you to operate the NDIS portal.
  • Certify that your service contact and booking are done.
  • Coordinate with plan managers on your behalf (if applicable).

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