Innovative community participation

Innovative Community Participation aims at developing a communal interaction between the people with disabilities and larger communities where they interact with each other in social environments and participate in different activities of their choice. 

At care4 support, we offer innovative community participation services specifically designed to assist people with disabilities in strengthening skills that enable them to participate actively in their community events and programs. 

We retain highly trained and certified Community Engagement Professionals who grapple and enable you to strengthen your capacity and flexibility. Therefore, you can ultimately turn away from the service to informal community support and/ or jobs.

Our Innovative Community Participation services include the following:

  • Organize workshops on finding suitable employment opportunities.
  • Prompting to overcome challenges and carry on with your job.
  • Assisting and supporting for establishing your own small-scale business.
  • Arrange classes to acquire new knowledge or enhance the existing ones.
  • Assist you to participate in free community events.

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