Core Supports

Core support services are formulated to assist the participants with day-to-day activities that matters them the most. The core budget of the participants is considered to be the most flexible, and in most cases, your funding is spent across any of the following four support categories.

  1. Assistance With Day-To-Day Activities

The aim here is to assist the participants to foster as much independence as possible. It enables to access funds for the support that assist people with disability to make household decisions, look after the personal hygiene and complete other domestic chores including home cleaning, gardening, maintenance, dressing, and preparing your meals.

  1. Consumables 

All the supplies that participants may require regular or those that may emerge due to their disability are included in the consumables. It enables you to access funds for items categorized as “off the shells’ including nutrition products, colostomy bags, dressing aids, and many more. In this category, even the cost involved in keeping an assistance pet, including its grooming service, insurance, and interpreter services are covered. 

  1. Transport Allowance

If your disability makes it difficult to use public transport, then this funding will best meet your needs. It enables you to access funds for convenient transportation. This support is beneficial when you step outside of your home. Here, either you are asked to pay directly or your plan manager will pay the transport providers on your behalf. The transport allowance is paid in advance on a monthly or fortnight basis.

  1. Assistance With Social and Community Participation

The aim here is to cover social or recreational activities that enable participants to socialize and get in touch with others Example includes art classes, holiday camp for children, sports coaching, mentoring, and many more. This funding aims to cover the support you participate, but does not include the cost of actual activity. In this case, the actual activity may be categorized into “Increased Social & Community Participation”. For example, tickets for movies or concerts are not covered, but your funds can be used for getting a support worker to help you to attend this event.

Core Support Eligibility

The core support offered generally relies on your disability, situations, and how this support helps you to attain your life goals. For example, if you are looking for the best employment opportunities and looking for support worker service to attain a goal, you may access our core support service.

How To Make Most of Your Core Budget

At care4 support, we make every effort to maximize your core budget. By keeping you updates on your availability of funds, your plan manager supports you to use your fund effectively. If you’re spending less or beyond the limits, then your plan manager will help you bring your finances back on track. 

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