Health & Safety

Working under the guidelines of national Government, Care4 Support strives to act immediately and conservatively to assure the safety and comfort of our clients and community workers.  We have laid down conservative measures and guidelines that our community workers strictly follow to protect the safety of clients and the community. 

We appreciate our commendable roles in delivering service for our clients but the safety of our community workers is our utmost priority, performing our job and ensuring to follow strict hygiene rules, temperature checks put into effect as well as signs of symptoms and other illnesses with risk of exposure.

Our community and service centres are available and have introduced some small group and individual programs, social distance has yet come into effect and we are practicing it. We are presently offering the option of personal meetings and small groups, supporting clients with the following activities:

  • Prerequisite Community Help
  • Exercise & workout
  • Fun activities at community hub
  • Online sessions
  • Dedicated support
  • Multiple programs at services hubs

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